Telemarketing Benchmark Report 2017

Dec 07, 2016 12:11:02 PM

It is evident that whether you are in sales, marketing, procurement or business development, you may in fact need to source a new telemarketing provider at some point. Here we explain what you should expect from your telemarketing provider in 2017 and how this report can help you find the correct provider for you.


Agencies who have a traditional outbound approach, need to quickly evolve to keep up with the needs of modern businesses in a world where inbound marketing is now used by 86% of marketers*.

Outbound telemarketing is still very much a part of many B2B strategies of which most organisations cannot survive on inbound marketing alone. As times have changed, what was once innovative and unique (such as digital call recordings), is now very much a part of the standard spec for most telemarketing providers.

So, what is it that you should be looking for when seeking the best agency for your companies needs? 

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