Sam Palmer – Direct Marketing Manager; Key Accounts

“Everyone has drive here are MarketMakers, you are in charge of your own destiny.”

“Progressing has not necessarily been easy, but there has always been opportunity and support. If you want to get somewhere in MarketMakers you have to show a desire to want something and then people will help you along the way.”

Q. How long have you worked at MarketMakers

8 years.

Q. What did you do before MarketMakers?

Before MarketMakers I wanted to be a Journalist so I completed A-levels in Media. I then worked at McDonalds for 5 years where I progressed to second assistant by the time I was 21, I liked the fast paced environment and ended up running my own pub. As I got older I knew the money wasn’t right for me and I wanted to start a job where I could see myself building a career. I worked for a gas company, dialling in a B2B campaign but there still wasn’t a clear progression path available.

Q. What made you want a job in Telemarketing/MarketMakers?

Following agency work provided by Workshop, Paul Hunt (who we still work with today) understood I wanted a career I could progress in, so he put me in touch with MarketMakers.

Q. What position did you start in at MarketMakers, and what positions did you progress into?

I joined MarketMakers as an Account Executive in 2008 when the company had around 40-50 employees. I got my first promotion after just 6 months where I became Account Manager, I worked as an Account Manager for about a year before becoming Client Director Tier 1, then Client Director Tier 2. I am now training to be a Direct Marketing Manager.

Q. Do you think progressing has been easy, have you been given enough opportunities?

Progressing has not necessarily been easy, but there has always been opportunity and support. If you want to get somewhere in MarketMakers you have to show a desire to want something and then people will help you along the way.

Q. Talk to me about the support that was offer- have you completed any programmes through The Business School?

When I first started on the Optimum programme, I never completed it as I realised it wasn’t something I felt personally ready to finish at the time. Instead, I wanted to make sure I was smashing my personal targets before I took on any additional responsibilities. A year later, an opportunity arose for someone to be promoted to Direct Marketing Manager. By this point I really wanted to be considered for the role so I used my initiative and learnt all about the Key campaigns that the role would be managing.

Q. What do you like the most about working at MarketMakers?

MarketMakers has a family feel to it. We all look out for each other and help each other progress and reach target. This helps the campaigns run smoothly and keeps our clients happy. I love that I can take pride in my work here, I earn around £250,000 in renewals for the company per month.

Q. How are you planning to progress next, are you currently involved in any programmes?

I have only been managing my team for a few months so the main priority right now is to focus on the team I have and ensure I am always pushing to deliver the client the best results possible. Whilst doing this I will also complete Optimum (which I am nearly finished with!)

Q. Are you offered support in your role, who is your manager what do they do for you?

My current manager is Lewis Hickish, he is also my mentor. It’s great to have someone like Lewis as my mentor as I know he has progressed similar to how I have, so he really can offer genuine support.

Q. Do you use your progression to help inspire other members of staff?

I think that I inspire the people on my team on a daily basis, they know I have taken a while to get to where I am now, but I am a good example that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve what you want.

Q. Do you have any personal goals that MarketMakers has helped you to achieve or any that you are currently working towards?

I believe that success breeds success and that is very apparent within this company. MarketMakers have helped me do things I never thought I would. For example visiting lots of different countries- through incentives and earning enough money to enjoy holidays.

Tom Furber – Learning & Development Executive “I joined MarketMakers as an Account Executive, after 6 months’ I progressed to Account Manager. After that I

Lewis Hickish – Operations Manager “I completed the Optimum Programme which took me about 8/9 months, this landed me a job as a Direct Marketing

Jodie Goodchild – Operations Manager “After a company meeting led by our MD Henry, I felt inspired to follow the Progression Programme that MarketMakers had

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